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Aluminium cladding – Greenwich Energy Centre London

Our Latest Project The monumental structure  is constructed from aluminium cladding with perforated panels. These triangular panels fold across the surface of the tower forming intricate geometric patterns that visually break up the flat planes to create an uneven sculpted surface. The Optic Cloak launches on 21 September 2016 as part of the Peninsula’s new low carbon Energy Centre.

The Optic Cloak, a 49m-high structure on the 600,00m2 Greenwich peninsula in London.

Before the Project Commenced Metal Surgery invested in 50k of welding equipment to keep to the deadline and keep up with local demand. We Also rearranged the factory to avoid any contaminations of materials; we now have created 4000 sq ft area for non-ferrous materials, and another 4000 sq ft for ferrous Materials. This has given us more scope to take on larger projects in all areas of Fabrication and to minimize cross contamination with materials.




49m-high structure





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